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How I Found an Affordable Apartment in Vancouver

Downtown Vancouver Skyline

Hello dear friends!

So much has happened since my last post. I left my main job, packed my stuff, and moved to Vancouver. Although I had thought of moving for a long time and have been planning it for a while, there were a few main things that I couldn't secure before moving, like finding a place.

Let me just tell you that I didn't have the best experience at first when I was looking for a place. I was on Craigslist almost every day. My price range was $1300-$1400, which apparently is very low, but I know that I couldn't afford anything more expensive than that. At the beginning of last month, I found a place that matched my criteria. I messaged the guy right away and asked him to see the place. He told me to come within 2 hours. As I was still in Winnipeg, I messaged all the people I knew in Vancouver (a total of 3 people) and asked if they could go and check out the place for me. Luckily, one friend agreed and was able to take a look at the place. He then suggested that I take it, so I applied for it right away.

The guy called me within an hour and basically told me that I got the place. I was so happy. I asked him to send me the contract. I expected to receive it already signed by him, but to my surprise, it was blank. In the email, he asked me to read it, sign it, and also send him the security deposit through an e-transfer. He also said that he would then write a cheque for that amount on my behalf to the rental company. Long story short, he disappeared. Luckily, I never sent him the money or the signed the contract.

When I arrived in Vancouver, I ended up staying at an Airbnb, which was always my plan B.

I didn't want to waste any time. So as soon as I got things organized, I went out to look for places. I walked for 3 hours without any luck. But I did realize something. I realized what part of town I didn't want to live in, and I felt really happy for having had that realization.

Throughout the entire time of apartment hunting, I felt that I would find a place. Even before I moved, I knew that I would find the place that I wanted. And I refused to give in to other people's reality. I knew that in my reality, anything was possible, and I strongly believed in it. I had an unshakable faith that things would work out.

And so as luck would have it, after I spent 3 hours walking outside and looking for a place, I came back to the place that I was staying at and decided to check my favourite website, Craigslist, one more time.

As I was checking the website and talking to my aunt on the phone, I saw an ad for a cute place in the part of town that I wanted to live in. Funny enough, it so happened to be only a few blocks away from where I was staying. And guess what, the price couldn't be more right. It was even lower than my set budget. I couldn't believe it.

I called the person right away, and even sent a text message, hoping that she would respond to either one as soon as possible. I felt that this could be the place I was looking for all along.

The lady messaged me an hour and a half later with a time and a day to come to see the place. The ad was removed shortly after being posted. That was absolutely unreal. I knew I would have a great competition.

I told my Airbnb host my apartment hunting story and even showed her a picture of the agent that I found online. She told me that the agent looks very familiar but she couldn't remember where from. She also asked me if I wanted her to come with me to see the place. I said yes right away because having another set of eyes checking out a place is always a great idea.

The apartment we went to see was on the first floor of a duplex house. When we walked in, my Airbnb host introduced herself as my friend, and she mentioned that she was living in the area.

As we were checking out the place, the agent gave us a lot of information about the neighbours who live upstairs (on the second floor of the duplex). That got me thinking, "how does she know so much about the neighbours upstairs? She must be best friends with those neighbours or something."

After the tour, I told the agent that I wanted to apply for the place. She told me that I could take the application home and bring it back to her later. I asked her if it was okay with her if I filled out the application while I was there (I heard that it was better to apply right there on the spot to beat the competition.) She told me that other people were supposed to come shortly to see the place, so I asked her when they were supposed to come. When she checked the time, she realized that the other people didn't show up when they were supposed to, and the next people were running late, so she let me fill out the application right there. Luckily, she was there to answer questions because I wanted to make sure I was filling it out correctly.

Roughly at the time that I finished filling out the application and returned it back to her, we heard a knock on the door. It was the next person who came to see the place. I thought to myself "Thank GOD! I finished it right on time." I also gave her right away a letter of recommendation from my previous landlord. And right before we were leaving, the agent revealed to us that she's the neighbour that lives upstairs. We all laughed, and she hinted not to tell anyone. The vibe with her was fantastic. When we left, my Airbnb host told me that I have a pretty good chance of getting the place. I really was hoping that that was the case because the competition was tough.

An hour later, the agent texted me and told me that I got the place. I just couldn't believe it. I didn't know how to feel. I was thinking "Yes! This is it!!" She also said that she would be in touch with me the next day about signing the lease. And she did follow through! A couple of days later, I signed the lease, and I will be moving to the place in about a week.

And just a side note: finding a place in Vancouver is tough. Especially when you are pretty restricted with the price. I heard that last year there was a 1% vacancy rate for renting a place. That means that 99% of the rental units on the market were taken. Luckily, we live in an abundant universe, which means that there is always enough for everyone, even when the majority thinks otherwise.

This incredible miracle happened on the last day of Hannuka, and although I am not a religious person, there has to be a connection, I know it. The power of manifestation is so strong. Not only that I found a place in the area that I wanted, but it was also for a lower price than I was looking to pay.

I know it in my heart that anything you wish for is already there. You have to be patient and persistent, and never give up. Don't let anyone tell you that your dreams are unrealistic and that what you want in life doesn't exist, because the opposite is true.

Everyone I told the story to was shocked. People couldn't believe that I found a place for that price. I was really stubborn and persistent. I knew that something would come up. I just knew it. And it did. Your truth is the strongest truth and it's the only truth that matters.

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