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A Slave of Time

What does it really mean to live in the present moment?

Some time ago, I came back home from work, called my mom, and we talked until there wasn't much to share anymore.

Then I called my friend and showed her some pictures that I printed that day. They were from a trip I took to Peru 3 years ago. I had so much joy just talking and sharing. I didn't feel rushed to finish my story. I wasn't worried about tomorrow, and I wasn't thinking about what I could've done with the time. The call wasn't scheduled for an x amount of time. We were just present, like two kids playing outside in the sandbox, not sure when the time to go home was - just living in the moment and enjoying what was in front of us.

We always have the chance to experience being incredibly present in our own lives.

Imagine not having to go anywhere or rush to be somewhere.

We really can experience living life the way our ancestors used to live... in the now.

I realized that I no longer wanted to be a slave of time. I don't want to be dictated by time where to be and when. I don't want time dictate how to live my life.

Life doesn't happen when you work on making your future plans.

You are missing out on "right now."

Time is a great guideline to organize your day with, but it's just a guideline; it's not your master.

How rich does life feel when you don't feel constant pressure to do something important or to be somewhere "just because you have to?"

How does it feel when you know you can take things at your own pace? You sleep longer when your body is asking for it. You eat less because you have enough energy to keep you going. You follow your curiosity and inspiration because you feel bored, and you want to do something that fills you up.

Every day is different, yet the feeling is the same. It's pure pleasure and satisfaction. There is no pressure, and you still do your best with all the obligations that you have.

Is that for real?

You now have an opportunity to see the possibility of this.

Yeah, it's possible to live a more enriching life. It's not what you do but who you do it with and what you do it for that matters.

When we look back on life, we tend to remember the deep relationships that we've formed and the deep connections that we've built. We remember the joy of impacting other people's lives either by our presence or by our life's work. That's what matters; the people we touch and the ones we are touched by.

Until next time,


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