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A Month in Photos - November

Hello!!! It's me. I was wondering if after all these years you'd like to meet.

Sorry, I got carried away with Adele's song.

I'm so excited to be writing another "A Month in Photos" post. I am not gonna lie, it hasn't been easy keeping up with these. During some months, like in November, not much goes on, so it's a bit of a challenge trying to find opportunities to take pictures of something interesting. I think the past month was the first month that I didn't get to take a sunset picture. There were many gloomy days, and when the sun did go down, I was still at work, so I couldn't catch a good moment. However, the exciting thing about this past month is that holiday decorations have finally been put up almost everywhere. They are so pretty :)

Another really exciting thing that happened this month is that I discovered a new tomato on my cherry tomato plant. I got the plant sometime at the beginning of summer from a nursery, and I finally got to see it produce fruit.

Lastly, I have a natural make up look to share with you that I've been wearing a lot lately. A tutorial is coming soon!

The photos that made it through the final cut:

Downtown Winnipeg

My view from the bus stop near my work. Downtown traffic, and the main train station in the background.

Natural Makeup Look

My most worn makeup look this past month :)

Downtown Winnipeg

The view from my building at work: Downtown Winnipeg

Shiitake Mushroom

This past month I experimented with incorporating Shiitake mushrooms in different dishes. For some reason, their look really fascinated me. There's something about their texture that make them look so photogenic.

Natural Makeup Look

Happy moments in November.

Human Rights Museum in the Winter

A wintery day.

Cherry Tomato Plant

Hello world.

Snowy Parking Lot

Snowy parking lot.

Although this might be my shortest "A Month in Photos" post, I'm happy I at least had some photos to share. I hope you like it.

See you next time.



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