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The Ultimate Winter Combo: a Poncho & Burgundy Pants

How to wear a poncho shawl

I absolutely love ponchos! They are such a great layering piece in the fall and in the winter.

Since the fall in Canada is too short, and winter is too long, I try to find ways to incorporate fall clothes in the winter too. This time, I decided to show you how I style two wardrobe staples: a poncho and burgundy pants.

This Steve Madden poncho has so much going on. It has a hood, two different blocks of grey, a clasp in the middle to tie it in, and fringe all along the bottom. The important thing is that it doesn't only look nice and stylish, but it also keeps me warm! I got it at Winners last year, and I believe it cost me around $25, such a steal!

Up until a month ago, I shopped for business clothes pretty often as that was the dress code at my work. But then, it all changed. A month ago, the company I work for decided to change the dress code to more casual wear. This was very exciting news because that meant that I didn't have to break my wallet anymore to buy clothes for work. However, that also meant that I probably won't rush to buy dressy clothes even though I like them. So the reason why I wanted to tell his little story is because this pair of dress pants was the last dressy item I purchased before the announcement was made. Since I had to wear business clothes before, I mainly shopped for "work appropriate" clothes at RW.&Co, but I do not remember seeing these pants there last year.

I am most definitely in love with this burgundy colour. I have probably around four pieces of clothing in my wardrobe in this colour, and I can't seem to stop adding more items to the collection. I find this colour to be very flattering, and it's also pretty easy to style because it goes well with so many neutral colours. It's adds the right amount of pop of colour without grabbing too much attention.

I paired the poncho and the burgundy pants with a basic long sleeve top from Banana Republic, and suede Marc Fisher boots from Winners.

Hi there

When people walk by when you’re in the middle of posing.

Walking around and feeling like a million dollars.

"This sunset is so pretty"
A close up of my pants & boots.

A close up of my pants & boots.

Waiting for my hot chocolate like...(it was clod outside that day!)

Waiting for my hot chocolate like...(it was cold outside that day!)

Couldn't get enough of the beautiful view.

Couldn't get enough of the beautiful view.

Having a gratitude moment.

Having a gratitude moment.

These photos were taken at the University of Manitoba campus. The last time I visited the main part of the campus was two years ago, and boy it was so nice to be back. Fall time at university has always been my favourite time of the year, and I'm so happy I got a chance to get some outfit pictures taken there.

Let me know in the comments below if you own any burgundy coloured items! It can be anything...purses, nail polish, scarves, etc. I'd love to know that I'm not the only one that is obsessed with this colour. :)

*Disclaimer: this post contains affiliated links.

If you are interested to find out more about the details of the outfit, please see below:

PONCHO: Winners *Brand: Steve Madden* (similar HERE or HERE) | LONG SLEEVE TOP: Banana Republic | PANTS: RW & Co. (similar HERE) | ANKLE BOOTS: Winners *Brand: Marc Fisher* | PURSE: Winners *Brand: unknown* | NAILS: Essie in the colour Angora Cardi | WATCH: Daniel Wellington

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