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Blue & White Printed Pants

Blue & White Pants

I have a confession to make. This is the first pair of printed pants that I own. When I first saw them online, I was certain that I wouldn't like them, so I kept scrolling through the page and didn't even look twice. A couple of weeks later, I went to the store and saw them in real life. What can I say, at that moment, it was love at first sight.

For me, wearing them is really out of my comfort zone. I always had this idea that patterned pants were just not my style, but these pants are a game changer for me. After trying them on in the change room, and loving the reflection I saw in the mirror, I knew I had to own them. It wasn't only the way they looked on me that I loved, but they also made me feel really confident. I felt like I was Jessica Pearson from Suits.

I decided to style the pants with a white sheer blouse and nude heeled sandals. I knew this was going to be the way I would style them as soon as I saw them in the store. Honestly, this is the way I do my clothes shopping; I build outfits in my head of items that I see online or in store with current clothing items that I already own. If I can't come up with an outfit idea for a certain clothing piece, I simply don't buy it. Another thing that I consider before buying clothes is whether I already have a similar item in my wardrobe or not. Maybe it's just me, but I really don't like having 5 cotton black tank tops or 3 red sweaters. In order for me to decide to buy an item, it has to be different enough from something I already have, whether it is a different style or a distinctive shade of colour (although gray is an exception for me).

As a photographer, I feel that I have to mention where these beautiful photos were taken. My friend and I did this photoshoot at two different locations. The first location where you can see all the greenery and the fountain is at The Forks, and the second location is at Provencher Bridge, both in Winnipeg. If you happen to visit Winnipeg, you definitely should explore these two places. They are just within a walking distance from each other, and there's so much to see in that area.

*Disclaimer: this post contains affiliated links.

Now, back to the important stuff. Most of my clothes are either from Dynamite, RW & Co., or Banana Republic as you might have noticed already from previous outfits posts. This time around, there was no exception. Outfit details are listed below:

TANK TOP: Dynamite (similar HERE) | SHEER BLOUSE: Dynamite (similar HERE) | PANTS: RW & Co. (similar HERE & HERE) | STRAPPED HEELED SANDALS: French Connection | NECKLACE: Magnolia Silver Jewelry (a present from a friend) | EARRINGS: Magnolia Silver Jewelry (a present from a friend) | WATCH: Michael Kors | BRACELET: Boes

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