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A Month in Photos - August


First, I wanted to apologize for not posting this post sooner (at the beginning of the month) like I've been doing for the past two months. I was not able to upload this because I was actually on a road trip with two of my friends. We drove from Winnipeg, Canada, all the way to Vancouver, Canada, and made a few stops on the way as well. The trip was absolutely incredible, so expect to see amazing photos in the next month's post.

Another thing you might have noticed is the new design of the blog. I have been working on this new design for the past two months, and last month I also finally purchased a domain. This was a huge moment for me because I gave my soul away. Okay, not really. But I did commit for a year to pay for this domain, so there is no going back, only going all the way forward.

I'm going to stop with my blurb about the excuses/updates and will jump right in to the first post of this month.

The past month I had the pleasure to hike 11.5 kms to High Lake which is in the area of Falcon Lake in Manitoba. The hike wasn't too bad, but my feet were killing me by the time we got back to the car. I was definitely ready for a foot massage and a nap, but the hike was worth it.

Last month I kept seeing beautiful flowers everywhere I went. I couldn't resist capturing some of them with my phone :) I even got some fake ones on my head as you will see momentarily.

And of course, how can the month go by without me taking at least one sunset picture? It was just too pretty to pass by without capturing it!

Lastly, the most exciting thing that happened last month was, of course, the S O L A R E C L I P S E. I didn't get to see much of it in Winnipeg because it rained here that day and was really cloudy. Luckily, right at its peak, the clouds parted in a perfect way, and for a few seconds, I was able to see it happening and was even able to take a few pictures!

Taken straight from a fairy tale movie

On the way to High Lake we stumbled upon this beautiful small lake.

So beautiful, yet so painful

These thorn flowers were just too pretty to just walk past them without taking a picture.

In the middle of the forest all alone

This looks exactly like a picture my grandma would have hung in her living room as a reminder of the country that she had left behind.

Although this was taken in Canada and not Russia, it does remind me a bit of the nature in Russia.

This was our destination - High Lake

This was what I walked 11.5 kms for, and to be honest, I kinda liked the previous lake that you saw a few pictures earlier more.

The famous sign at the beginning of the hike

This is the sign that warned us how long that hike was going to be.

The beginning of the hike looked so easy

That's how the hike started...there was definitely a surprise in store for me.

Beautiful Daisies

Hello there beautiful Daisy. Looking good today.

Flower girl

Flower girl.

Breathtaking summer sunset

The things you get to see outside your local grocery store...breathtaking summer sunsets. That's why I shop there! (not really)

Solar Eclipse. August 21st, 2017.

So this is it. I hope you liked them. Please let me know in the comments below which one was your favourite. Enjoy your day/night.



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