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A Month in Photos - July

Hello dear people!

It's been a while (a month to be exact), and I cannot wait to share with you the pictures I took this month (except the ones of me - which my friend, Sandra, took).

July was absolutely amazing. I got to spend the first week of it in Israel. I came back straight to birthday celebrations of my sister and my mom. I got to spend a whole lot of time outside since the weather has been treating us so nicely (you don't want to know what winters are like here in Canada - they are dreadful), and I got to attend a very special steel wool photography workshop. Shall we begin? (Game of Thrones reference which finally came back this month)

Happiness at its finest

My beautiful friend captured this picture as part of a photoshoot of an upcoming post.

Taken straight from a nostalgia moment of a warm summer day

This picture gives me vibes of an old movie about friends who are having the best time of their lives on this boat during their summer vacation.

When your little sister turns 15 and you realize how fast those little munchkins grow

Taking pictures of cakes with the age of the birthday person on them is a very old family tradition.

The Canadian Museum of Human Rights with the new Winnipeg sign

Summer of 2017 - Winnipeg got its first sign located strategically behind the Canadian Museum of Human Rights.

I think every city has one of these street signs

If you need help with getting lost at The Forks in Winnipeg, these signs can sure help you!

This picture reminds me of a beautiful European city

I was really surprised to find such a beautiful place in Winnipeg. It made me feel like I was in Europe.

Breathtaking sunset with the Canadian Museum of Human Rights in the background

Although this photo is edited, this view really takes my breath away.

Straight from my outfit photoshoot

Another dreamy picture that my friend was able to capture. I can't wait to share with you more photos from that photoshoot!

Summary day in Israel

Home. Childhood memories. Hot summery day. Twilight. Desert greenery.

Steel Wool Photography

I had such a fun time trying this style of photography. I even captured a ghost ;)

These are some of my favourite photos from this month that I really wanted to share with you.

Thank you so much for reading. Your feedback and thoughts are always welcome!



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