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A Month in Photos - June

Hello dear friends,

It has been a while since I published a post, but I'm very excited to announce that this post is a very special one because today I will be starting a new series on my blog called "A month in photos". I am challenging myself to take photos every month so I can create this post for you at the end of each month.

This month in just a few words: breathtaking sunsets, brunch on a patio on a gorgeous Sunday morning, workout at the park, greenery, Winnipeg from above, Tel Aviv, hot summer days, & dipping toes in warm ocean water.

Pink Sunset on a Cool Summer Day

I took this picture in the Walmart parking lot right after finishing grocery shopping.

The Tree of Life

My view from the patio at Stella's on a beautiful Sunday morning.

Naughty Mood

Met up with a friend to workout at the park and take a selfie on the way.

Dreamy Sunset

This is what happens when you run errands late in the evening. Time pic was taken: 9:16 PM

Nature's Magic

Evening walks in the park are therapy to our souls.

Natural Art

My view while doing sit ups at gym...sorry I meant, park. Almost got confused.

Aerial shot of Toronto

On my way to an amazing adventure.

Magical Moment in Tel Aviv

If I could describe "Good Vibes" through a picture, this would be it.

Lucky passengers

The passengers on this plane are so lucky to see the sunset as they are flying along the beach.

My favourite view in the world

This is where I feel at home.

Always with a camera

A glimpse to my happiness.

Tonight's painting

Catching the sun a second before it disappears.

When your friend captures a moment of joy

A Sony commercial in disguise.

Tel Aviv Loves Me

Love is everywhere you look and everywhere you go.

So this is it for today. I hope you really enjoyed these photos. Till next time.



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