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Random Photos of Beautiful Moments

Hi dear friends,

Today I'll be sharing with you some photos I took that capture amazing moments in my life.

The first photo I'm going to start with is that of the sky. I love the sky and I love taking pictures of clouds. I find them absolutely amazing. I'm one of those people who can look at the sky for hours and never get bored of it.

Bluest Sky on a Beautiful Day

This must be one of my favourite pictures I've ever taken. Since purple is my favourite colour, anything purple brings me so much joy, especially purple flowers.

Purple Flowers

I took this picture on the first warmest Saturday this year so far. It felt like the entire city was out on the streets that night. I just had the best time with my friend eating Sushi, talking about life, and then going to dance like it's nobody's business :P

Fresh & Glowing Makeup

It was a cold winter day, I was studying for final exam, and needed a warm cup of hot chocolate to help me get through the tough and stressful time. This hot chocolate was sooo goood!

Best Hot Chocolate

This place quickly became my favourite place in Winnipeg to eat pizza. It's called Pizza Bistro, and I can never get enough of the pizzas I get there. This was the first pizza I ever ordered there; a beginning of a wonderful relationship ^^

The Pizza I Customized

I love this picture so much. I took it on my last trip to Israel. I love all the action going on through the glass reflection.


I took this picture as the plane was approaching Cancun airport. Look that that turquoise water. I can't wait to go back.

Cancun from Above

It was a warm summer day as I was leaving the gym. Then I saw this sunset and I realized how magical this moment was. I'm so grateful for being able to capture it not just with my eyes, but with my phone as well.

The Magic Hour

This is another picture I took in Israel. I cannot explain why I'm always so drawn to it, but I guess it's because I love to watch people, but not in a creepy way :)

People Watching in Tel Aviv

I hope you liked these pictures. Enjoy your day dear friends.



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